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A collection of links I find interesting and/or useful enough to curate in this website.

Obs.: This is an eternal W.I.P. All links are subject to change/break by chance or at will.

The Lesser Evil

These are alternative sites to view (but not contibute with) content of (for) different modern social media and platforms. Using these are advisable in order to maintain a healthy relationship with "big tech social media", especially when segregating different facets of one's life (personal, professional, etc.).

Since most of the listed resources are available in multiple instances, the links below will lead you to instance lists so that you can search for the one that works better for your situation.

The first privacy-focused front-end to exist, as far as I know. It's a front-end to YouTube.
It's a front-end to Twitter.
It's a front-end to Instagram, and it's clinically dead. :(
[Piped] [1] [2]
Another front-end to YouTube. Because of its better layout and reliability, it's my personal recommendation. Unfortunately, there are only two other instances.
It's a front-end for Reddit. If you'd like old Reddit to have no ads and a dark mode, then this is for you.
Another front-end for Reddit. If you like the Reddit redesign of circa 2018, then this is for you.
[Searx] (pronounced "sircs" or "searchi")
A meta search engine, meaning it gathers results of different engines and displays them, but doesn't do the actual site-seeking for you.